Release News: mogenius Introduces Innovative DevOps Platform For Kubernetes Self-Service
DEVOPS - Gerrit Schumann - May 2023

We are pleased to announce the launch of their highly anticipated enterprise-grade DevOps Platform.

What is DevOps as a Service?
DEVOPS - Marvin Tekautschitz - May 2023

Learn how outsourcing your DevOps process to an expert partner can speed up your software delivery.

What is an Internal Developer Platform
Internal Developer Platforms - Marvin Tekautschitz - April 2023

Discover the magic of Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) in empowering developers to swiftly build, test, and deploy software applications.

What Are Microservices?
Microservice Architecture - Marvin Tekautschitz - March 2023

Explore the benefits of Microservices architecture: agility, scalability, CI/CD & more. Enhance app development with this modern approach.

Key Performance Metrics for DevOps
- Marvin Tekautschitz - March 2023

Wondering how to measure the performance of DevOps software or a team? Find out the Key Performance Metrics for DevOps here!

Introduction to Docker
Docker - Marvin Tekautschitz - March 2023

Want to know more about Docker? Find out what Docker is and why it is essential in software development here!

Introduction to Containerization
Microservice Architecture - Marvin Tekautschitz - March 2023

Want to pack your code in a standardized unit? You must be wondering about the details of Containerization, which you'll get here!

An Introduction to DevOps Test Automation
BEST PRACTICES - Marvin Tekautschitz - February 2023

Wondering what test automation in DevOps is? Find out all the necessary details in this Introduction to DevOps Test Automation!

Introduction to Configuration as Code
- Marvin Tekautschitz - February 2023

Don't know what Configuration as Code is? Find all the necessary details in this Introductory article!

An Introduction to Infrastructure Monitoring
BEST PRACTICES - Marvin Tekautschitz - January 2023

Infrastructure Monitoring is crucial for tech companies. Learn more about the basics, benefits, and different types of infrastructure monitoring

What is Infrastructure as a Service?
BEST PRACTICES - Marvin Tekautschitz - January 2023

Learn the basics of IaaS, a cloud computing service providing virtualized computing resources via the internet.

Why SaaS Companies Should Go Cloud Native
BEST PRACTICES - Marvin Tekautschitz - January 2023

Learn why going cloud-native results in greater scalability, reliability, cost-efficiency, faster time-to-market & improved agility.

Best Practices for SaaS Architecture
BEST PRACTICES - Marvin Tekautschitz - January 2023

Discover SaaS architecture best practices and their benefits: cost savings, centralized ops, seamless updates, integration, & scalability.

Getting Started With CI/CD Pipelines in the Cloud
BEST PRACTICES - Marvin Tekautschitz - January 2023

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Software Deployment Strategies for DevOps
BEST PRACTICES - Marvin Tekautschitz - January 2023

Part of a DevOps team that wants to deploy software? Discover the best Software Deployment Strategies for DevOps here!

DevOps Best Practices for SaaS
BEST PRACTICES - Marvin Tekautschitz - January 2023

If you're working on a SaaS project, you will have to figure out how to deal with infrastructure pragmatically at some point. We've collected some starting points to get you going.

Why developers are moving away from Heroku
TRENDS - Marvin Tekautschitz - January 2023

An increasing number of developers have recently started leaving Heroku for greener pastures. We took a look at why.

Our DevOps predictions for the upcoming year
DEVOPS AUTOMATION - Jan Lepsky - January 2023

As we enter 2023, the world of DevOps is constantly evolving. At mogenius, we've been keeping a close eye on the latest trends and developments in the industry, and we've come up with a list of predictions for what we think will be hot in the world of DevOps this year.

Announcing the Community plan
UPDATE - Jan Lepsky - January 2023

In recent months, we have seen a significant increase in our user base, with developers from all around the world joining mogenius. While we are thrilled to see the popularity of our platform, we had to make some changes.

Part 2: Building a microservice architecture from scratch to create a Twitter clone

In the second part of our series on building a micro service architecture from scratch we focus on some basic set up like caching, database and gateway (reverse proxy).

Introducing Podloxx v1.0.2 (Open Source)
KUBERNETES TRAFFIC MONITORING - Benedikt Iltisberger - December 2022

If you use Kubernetes, you're probably familiar with Prometheus or similar tools for collecting traffic data on pods and namespaces. These tools are great, but we wanted to find a more lightweight alternative. So, we came up with a solution to efficiently gather traffic data on pods and namespaces.

Kubernetes for Dummies… really
Kubernetes - Gerrit Schumann - December 2022

In this article, we'll talk about the basic principles of Kubernetes, the challenges of configuring and managing it, and a really simple alternative to harness its power.

Hype1000 achieves better performance at lower costs
CLOUD MIGRATION WITH MOGENIUS - Jan Lepsky - September 2022

Hype1000, an audio tech startup, faced the challenge of migrating its microservice-based Hypecast platform to a scalable, cloud-native infrastructure in order to become future-proof and cost-efficient. Here's how mogenius helped to achieve this goal by automating most of the DevOps workflow.

An Easy Way of Building your CI/CD Pipeline
DEVOPS AUTOMATION - Gerrit Schumann - August 2022

CI/CD is the backbone of DevOps. CI/CD leverages pipelines to automate the delivery of bug-free software to end-users at a high velocity. But first, what exactly is CI/CD?

Cloud management platform mogenius raises funding round to expand enterprise market and global footprint
FUNDING ROUND - Gerrit Schumann - August 2022

We are pleased to announce that mogenius has closed a funding round led by STS Ventures, with participation from Smart Infrastructure Ventures, Inovexus Ventures and a number of expert business angels.

Release 1.14. +++ Dark Mode +++ Container Images +++ Improvements
RELEASE 1.14. - Jan Lepsky - August 2022

With our latest release, we are announcing two important features that will give you more convenience and functionality around our studio.

REWE digital relies on mogenius for cloud projects

As digitization continues to become more vital to retail, ever more people are using services provided by REWE digital. With mogenius in place, REWE digital gave their development teams a powerful tool...

Part 1: Introduction to building our Twitter clone

In the first part of our series Building a microservice architecture from scratch we introduce the project and make initial considerations about goals, architecture and technology selection.

Creating a frontend, backend database architecture with a few simple steps
TUTORIAL - Daniel Franken - May 2022

We all know it. The most common architecture for web applications is one of many combinations between a front-end framework, something based on Node, and a document-based or relational database.

Cloud-native: Two ways of getting your application production-ready

In recent years cloud-native applications have gone from being a trend to becoming "the way forward" for developers.

Introducing mogenius API

The mogenius API is now available to our community, allowing you to manage all your services and cloudspaces right from the command line.

The new mogenius file browser for persistent volumes

Today we added another key feature to the mogenius Studio. Now It’s even easier to manage your services that make use of persistent storage volumes, or migrate services.

Release 1.10 is here
RELEASE NOTE - Jan Lepsky - April 2022

With our latest release, we announce two important features that give you even more control over your services. Along with many other fixes and improvements, you can now check them out in your cloudspace.

Announcing the launch of mogenius, the very first free code to cloud platform
PRODUCT LAUNCH - Gerrit Schumann - March 2022

After more than a year of hard work, sweat and tears our platform is up and running, fully self service and we bet it won't take you 5 minutes to successfully deploy and rund your app in the cloud.

How do I ensure security for cloud-native applications?
CYBERSCECURITY - Gerrit Schumann - December 2021

"Security by design" - is, after all, one of the buzzwords that are quickly uttered in connection with data protection and data security. Unfortunately, this is anything but easy to implement in practice.

Come meet us at Websummit

Excited to announce that we’ll be participating at “the world’s most influential tech event” this November 1–4 as part of the startup programme. We can’t wait to connect. Testtest

A brief history of the cloud
Editorial - Gerrit Schumann - September 2021

In the span of just one human lifetime, the tape-drive mainframe evolved into modern cloud computing. But how exactly did we get here and what does the future look like?

Cloud almighty
Startup - Gerrit Schumann - September 2021

We're excited because this is our first blog entry. But not only that, it's also our first entry in the blog which is running on our platform, yeah 😊 So a big "hello, world" to all the developers and cloud-hungry companies out there.