REWE digital relies on mogenius for cloud projects

Jan Lepskynull

As digitization continues to become more vital to retail, ever more people are using services provided by REWE digital. Research and innovation are at the heart of developing delivery and pick-up services, digital shopping experiences, mobile applications, fulfilment, payment and e-commerce tools

“We are the pioneers for the digitalization of REWE Group.,” says Robert Zores, Chief Technology Officer at REWE digital. “We are the driving force in digital food retailing - and always have the perfect digital supermarket in mind as our goal.”

The challenge

Even as REWE digital attracts many digital talents in software development and operations to differentiate itself and build a strong tech team, they still face the same challenges that affect their competitors in the retail industry. Starting and scaling new digital products requires managing complex infrastructure that requires deep knowledge of cloud-native technologies. Time-to-market and lean operations become more important in a changing world of consumer demands and the need for constant innovation.

“Be a driving force in digitization means you have to have technology in place to quickly start new projects and scale them.”, Zores explains.

REWE digital needed a platform for prototyping and new projects, that can be set up and run on a cloud-native tech stack and can quickly be moved to production testing and scaling. mogenius provided the perfect answer.

Integrated developer cloud platform helps REWE digital drive innovation

REWE digital turned to mogenius to help enable teams to turn new ideas into digital products and scale them. The mogenius platform supports developers and DevOps to run and scale cloud-native applications on an automated cloud infrastructure: high performance in a public cloud with efficient cloud resource orchestration, automated Kubernetes management and CI/CD pipeline, SSL management and cybersecurity.

“We encourage our software and product teams to create their own ideas and build prototypes,” Zores says. “We have seen new and very successful startups emerge from this approach. We see a lot of value in working with startups and integrating them in our eco system.”

With mogenius in place, REWE digital gave their development teams a powerful tool to be creative, focus on feature development and what counts the most: value to their users and customers. Infrastructure becomes what it should be: it simply works and scales, without huge cost risks.

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