mogenius offers a wide range of pre-configured services that you can deploy instantly from the service library.
AlpineAlpine Linux as a service More
AngularAngular web application framework More
ArangoDBOpen-source multi-model database More
ASP.NET Core 6.0 MVC.Net Framework to create web application and APIs More
ASP.NET Core 6.0 Web APISample Web API in ASP.NET More
Bring your own codeDeploy your code by connecting a repository with Dockerfile inside. More
Calibre-webCalibre-web eBook Web App More
Container ImageDeploy an image from a container registry More
CouchDBDocument-oriented NoSQL database More
DenoA modern runtime for Javascript and Typescript More
DocusaurusDocusaurus static site More
DrupalSophisticated content management platform More
Express with TypescriptNode.js framework and Typescript in a single template More
FastAPIFramework for building APIs with Python More
FlaskLightweight Python web application framework More
GatsbyReact-based high performance web framework More
GhostLight-weight headless CMS More
GrafanaDashboard anything. Observe everything. More
Grafana LokiLoki log aggregation system More
InfluxDBTime series database More
Java SpringJava framework often used for building web apps More
LaravelWeb Application Framework More
MariaDBRelational database management system More
MeilisearchSearch engine to integrate in any app More
MemcachedDistributed memory caching More
MetabaseOpen source alternative to Tableau More
MongoDBMongoDB NoSQL database More
MosquittoLightweight MQTT message broker More
MySQL 5.7Relational database management system More
Neo4jGraph database More
NestJSNode.js framework for efficient and scalable server-side applications More
Next.jsReact framework for static websites and more More
nginxWeb server, reverse proxy, load balancer and more More
nginx Reverse Proxynginx Reverse Proxy More
Node-REDLow-code programming for event-driven applications More
Node.jsVanilla node.js More
pgAdminDatabase administration for PostgreSQL More
phpMyAdminDatabase administration tool for MySQL and MariaDB More
PocketBaseOpen-source backend for SaaS and mobile apps More
PostgreSQLOpen source object-relational database system More
PythonPopular general-purpose programming language More
QdrantVector similarity search engine with extended filtering support More
RabbitMQMQTT Message Broker More
ReactA JavaScript library for building user interfaces More
redisIn-memory data structure store More
Redis CommanderUser interface for managing Redis More
Ruby on RailsFull-stack Ruby framework More
SAML JacksonSAML SSO as a service More
StrapiDeveloper-first, customizable headless CMS More
SvelteCybernetically enhanced web apps More
TiDBA newSQL database More
Ubuntu 18.04Virtual private server with Ubuntu 18.04 More
Uptime KumaSimple monitoring and status pages for web applications More
VaultwardenPowerful open-source password manager More
Vue.jsThe progressive JavaScript framework More
WordPressPopular CMS plattform More
YoPassShare OnetimeSecrets More